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About My Practice:

Hometown Hearing's mission is to provide the Springfield community with quality hearing health care.

I am a full-service hearing healthcare practice dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. I am an independent, privately owned business with over 16 years experience in audiologic services. I believe that hearing loss education should be the foundation of every appointment I have. I also believe that it is important to offer hearing aids in multiple brands, styles, and sometimes most importantly, price levels. Every decision I make as a small business owner is based on ways to keep hearing aid costs affordable. I welcome any questions you may have and will answer them to the best of my ability.

I pledge to  listen to each patients needs and use a personalized approach to hearing health care. I focus on educating the patient about hearing loss and different types of amplification. I am very involved in the community and am proud to be a small business owner.

To schedule an appointment or ask a question, please call:  (937) 727-4177